RECAP — Teens share their weirdest and wildest COVID-19 moments so far

Myah Elliott
Story by Myah Elliott and CBC Kids News • 2020-04-10 09:28

Toilet paper panic-buying ranks highest in memorable moments

While we all practise physical distancing, it’s important to still find ways to connect with friends.

So I hit pause on RECAP’s normal roundup of news to have a digital meetup with some sidekicks instead.

It felt good to share stories and laugh.

Maybe you can do the same with your friends and family?

Watch this week’s episode to see our answers to these questions.

When did you realize the coronavirus was a big deal?

We first reported on the coronavirus in January.

But for most of us, it wasn’t until March that we realized this global pandemic was going to impact our day-to-day lives.

What everyday thing is going to change because of COVID-19?

We all have theories about what we think will change in the future. Hint. These emojis represent our answers!

An emoji graphic that includes a laptop, books, soapy hands, a hospital, a needle and a bucket.

Take a guess as to what these emojis might mean to the sidekicks! (Philip Street/CBC)

What’s one story we’ll be sure to tell our kids when we look back on March 2020?

Two words. Panic-buying. All of us agreed, the hoarding of toilet paper and pasta will go down in history.

We have some other good (and weird) stories, too. Check out the full episode to see if you agree.

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