RECAP — Teens react to anti-racism protests, looting, police and George Floyd

Published 2020-06-05 18:06

RECAP sidekicks join host Myah Elliott in conversation

This week’s episode of RECAP is a little different.

After all, the world is feeling different following the death of George Floyd.

That’s why we decided to lay it all out on RECAP: race, racism and the fallout we’re witnessing south of the border and here at home in Canada.

“We’re seeing peaceful protests, we’re seeing violent riots, we’re seeing online activism, so how are you feeling about all of this?” host Myah Elliott asked sidekicks Preeya Narcis, Ethan Berkeley-Garcia and Saadia Zahra.

Everywhere you turn, there are images of police and protesters.

From #BlackOutTuesday to #WhiteLivesMatter, anger and confusion are spilling over onto social media too.

But as Canadian youth, should you care?

Of course we should care said Saadia. Racism and police brutality are happening here, too.

What lessons can be learned from protests?

What I want to see is police officers not getting leeway for doing something that ... clearly they were wrong, said Preeya.

What can teens do to make a difference?

In a year from now I'm going to be voting. I should start educating myself at this moment about our government and how the voting system words, said Ethan.

Check out this week’s episode for more:

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