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Myah Elliott
Story by Myah Elliott • CBC Kids News • Published 2019-12-06 17:17

Star Wars icon inspires memes, artwork and more

The Baby Yoda meme is the force of the internet.

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It’s no Jedi mind trick, Baby Yoda is ridiculously cute and relatable

Where has Baby Yoda been all of our lives?

Baby Yoda versus original Yoda, who is cuter? Not much is known about Yoda's alien species. (Disney/Lucasfilm)

Since the launch of Disney Plus and its new Star Wars series The Mandalorian on Nov. 12, the internet has not stopped talking about Baby Yoda.

Or, at least, that’s who we think this tiny, green baby character is.

Right now, the show has only referred to the character as “the child,” and we know that despite its name, the Yoda-like character is 50 years old.

Episodes of The Mandalorian are released on a weekly basis, and bit by bit, more context about him is coming out.

The new show follows a Mandalorian bounty hunter, five years after the Return of the Jedi film.

The series might be about a bounty hunter, but the tiny, green Jedi seems to have stolen all the attention.

Did you know that Baby Yoda is actually a puppet? No CGI here: Every blink, movement and reaction is controlled by a team of puppeteers. (Disney/Lucasfilm)

From sipping soup, to taking part in #decade challenges

Baby Yoda does it all!

And fans are turning the adorable green guy into a meme sensation.

From viral meme to a crafter’s dream

Baby Yoda isn’t just popular on Twitter and Instagram. Crafters and artists have also connected with the tiny critter.

From makeup moments to beaded earrings, everyone is showing their take on the leader of the Jedis.

Cheyenne River Lakota creator, Jana Schmieding, from Los Angeles, beaded these earrings using Baby Yoda’s image. (Submitted by Jana Schmieding)

So when can you have a Baby Yoda of your very own?

Wait, you must.

Sadly, it appears that Disney Plus didn’t plan for Baby Yoda to go this viral and official merch isn’t slated to arrive until next spring at the earliest.

If you want to cuddle with Baby Yoda, you’re in for quite a wait. (Mattel)

And a new Funko Pop of the character won’t be ready until May 2020.

From plush toys to becoming more popular than the president

The green, fictional character is getting more clicks and social media interactions than any other politician in our galaxy.

According to Axios, an American news and information website, Baby Yoda is more popular on social media than any of the 2020 presidential candidates in the U.S.

Before you get too excited about  a Jedi in the White House, just know that only a citizen of the United States is eligible to be president.

Green, fictional aliens can’t run, although he would be awfully cute in the Oval Office.

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