PROFILE — Teen diver hopes his videos can keep garbage out of lakes

CBC Kids News • Published 2021-03-30 06:00


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Mark Turezki


Toronto, Ontario



Mark Turezski started diving with his dad when he was 10 years old. (Image credit: Mark Turezki)

Claim to fame

When he was 10 years old, Mark Turezski started diving in tropical areas with his dad.

Six years later, he’s turned that hobby into an environmental project — using videos to draw attention to trash building up in Lake Ontario’s Humber Bay, near Etobicoke, in Toronto’s west end.

Some weeks, Mark would see no garbage on his dives, only to return the next week to find the same area covered in garbage “as far as you could see.”

Mark filmed this giant field of garbage in Lake Ontario’s Humber Bay. (Image credit: Mark Turezski)

Mark’s first reaction? “I have to film this,” he told CBC Kids News.

The garbage was pretty far from shore, he said, which meant it was easy for people to ignore.

“Out of sight, out of mind ... Not a lot of people would see it regularly.”

“My biggest fear is it’s all going to get sucked out into Lake Ontario before anyone can get to it, [to] a part where you really can't retrieve it.” - Mark Turezski, age 16

Once Mark uploaded his first video of the garbage to YouTube on Feb. 21, the reaction was pretty swift.

“People didn't like that there was that amount of garbage in the water,” Mark said. “A lot of people do actually care about the issue.”

When there isn’t any garbage cluttering the view, there are lots of cool things to see underwater in the Great Lakes, like this shipwreck. (Image credit: Mark Turezski)

Mark wants people gathering near the Humber Bay to keep their littering and garbage in check, especially now with more people in the area because of the nice weather.

Mark emphasized: “People think someone else will pick up their litter, but it goes in the water. It’s a mounting problem.”


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