PROFILE — Jake the weather kid is taking Alberta by storm, literally

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2020-08-06 07:00

Jake McKnight shares local weather reports online

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Jake McKnight


Grand Prairie, Alta.



Jake the weather kid

The forecast for Jake the weather kid is clear, bright and pretty sunny.

Jake McKnight has been providing daily weather updates for a flood of forecast fans on Facebook and Instagram.

What might have started as a pandemic distraction has quickly transformed into a hobby for the 10-year-old.

I wanted to make videos and my mom and dad suggested the weather videos. — Amateur forecaster Jake McKnight

From looking up the forecast to writing his scripts, Jake hopes to continue his weather work in the future.

He’s got the meteorologist lingo down, too.

Just check out his forecasts below:

Jake’s mom, Wanda McKnight, said she’s amazed by the love he’s getting from community members.

From views on his videos, to the donation of maps by the city, all of it counts.

“It's been crazy to see the support that everyone has given him,” she said.

But Jake isn’t letting the fame (or air pressure) go to his head.

In fact, he gave back by holding a food drive on July 22 in support of the Grande Prairie Food Bank.

Talk about being there for his community — rain or shine!

Top image credit submitted by Wanda McKnight
With files from (Madeleine Cummings/CBC)

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