PROFILE — Foot amputation won’t stop this kid from playing hockey

Story by CBC Kids News • 2021-03-02 07:00

Logan Munden hopes to inspire others with his amputation story

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Logan Munden


Fall River, N.S.



Claim to fame

Only two months after his foot amputation, Logan Munden was back on the ice playing sledge hockey.

As a child, he had always wanted to play but wasn’t sure how it would happen.

Skating was hard for him.

Logan has arthrogryposis, which means he has problems moving his muscles and joints.

“I wanted to play hockey like my friends, but I couldn't because of my disability.” - Logan Munden, age 11

He was born with two club feet, his right knee didn’t bend completely and his right hip is dislocated.

“I wanted to play hockey like my friends, but I couldn't because of my disability,” Logan told CBC News.

He found a way to play his favourite sport with sledge hockey.

“It's exactly like normal hockey, but you're sitting down and it's mostly upper body strength and ab strength,” Logan said.

Child learns how to walk on prosthetic foot while holding metal bars

Logan learns how to walk again on his prosthetic foot. (Image submitted by Linda Munden)

Logan played sledge hockey for a few years until a year ago, when his foot began to hurt again.

Since surgery was too risky, his family and doctors decided amputating his foot would be the best way for his pain to go away in the long term.

After the amputation in October, Logan was worried he wouldn’t be able to return to hockey.

But only a few weeks later, he started playing once again.

"It was amazing. I loved it so much," Logan said.

Even Hockey Canada has been inspired, sharing a video of Logan’s story across social media that has been viewed more than 50,000 times.

With files from Alex Cooke/CBC

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