POINT OF VIEW — What one year of online learning has been like for me

Ally Harris
Story by Ally Harris and CBC Kids News • 2021-03-10 14:30

While online learning has had some perks, Ally Harris misses her friends

Ally Harris, 12, is from Kelowna, B.C., and is currently completing Grade 6 online. CBC Kids News asked here to share her experience about e-learning for the past year. Read about her experience here, or scroll to the bottom to watch her video.

I remember first hearing about COVID-19 when I was at school last January.

Some kids were saying that people were going to get it and die. 

I was feeling worried.

My parents reassured me that these flus were never as bad as people said they would be, but suddenly, the world changed and my life changed with it.

Moving to online school

Last April, most of my school moved to online classes.

I felt OK with finishing the rest of the school year this way because I hoped I would be going back to school in September.

I thought COVID-19 would be over within a few months.

There were fewer cases in early summer and I hoped that there would be a vaccine soon.

Ally in boat with dog.

Ally and her family spent a lot of time enjoying the outdoors over the past year.  (Image submitted by Paula Harris)

In the fall, my parents decided to put me in e-school because the COVID-19 cases had risen over the summer.

I also have asthma and have had to go to the hospital because of breathing problems, so my parents were worried about how COVID-19 could affect me.

I mostly agreed with them and I wanted to keep myself and my family safe.

Challenges of online learning

My e-school is through my school district but it’s not with my friends at my last school.

It’s a Zoom class with kids that I didn’t know.

I didn’t want to get sick but I was upset because I missed my friends.

I was losing touch with them and I didn’t want to become less important to them. 

What if they found new friends?

Ally sitting at her desk.

Ally’s home classroom space. (Image submitted by Paula Harris)

Compared to regular school, it’s harder to understand the instructions for my assignments because we are only on Zoom for about an hour and a half each day.

They give us a lot of information in a short amount of time.

I can get help from my teacher in the afternoon, but it’s not as easy as doing it in person.

I wake up about an hour later, which is awesome and although I finish my class Zooms earlier, I spend more time on homework.

Missing friends

The hardest part of learning at home is not hanging out with my friends.

In school, there were so many unexpected things that happened that allowed me to laugh or come up with new ideas. It’s not the same when I text or call my friends.

I miss the little things like seeing my friends smile in class.          

I have made a few new friends at my online school.

Ally and her friends from e-school like to play games like Kahoot online since they can’t hang out in person. (Image submitted by Paula Harris)

After class, I talk, draw, and play Kahoot with my new friends, Serah and Sienna.

We all have a similar sense of humor and laugh a lot together.

It’s nice that I can take Fridays off school to go skiing with my dad. It helps my mental health.

I play guitar, draw, ski, and bike. I used to do jazz but don’t anymore because of the pandemic.    

One way Ally has made the best of the past year is by playing sports and working on her hobbies like making music. (Images submitted by Paula Harris)

Although I have struggled through the pandemic, I am very hopeful that the pandemic won’t last much longer because if I didn’t look on the bright side of things, I would be very upset.

I am really looking forward to going back to school as soon as possible!

Watch this video of Ally reading her POV:

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Ally Harris
Ally Harris
Ally Harris, 12, lives in Kelowna BC. She is passionate about drawing and playing the guitar. She also enjoys hanging out with her golden retriever Levi.