Peppa Pig’s height has the internet freaking out

Published 2019-07-24 09:42

A giant British pig, a pledge to not buy new clothes and Taylor Swift’s latest song from Lover

When you think of Peppa Pig, you probably think of one of Peppa Pig and Suzy Sheep’s iconic adventures.

Maybe George is along for the ride, maybe not.

Suzy Sheep and Peppa Pig have a chat. (BBC)

You may also think of the distinctly British way she says “daddy.”

But what you probably don’t think too much about is her height.

Because, really, she’s an animated pig so she’s short — probably shorter than you, right?

Wrong. Well, at least according to the internet.

After a Twitter user typed “peppa pig height” in a Google search, they posted an image of the result on Twitter. It read: 7’1” (that’s seven feet one inch, which is the height of professional basketball player Shaq).

Twitter user Memeulous posted a search result from Google that lists Peppa Pig’s height as more than seven feet tall.

This got people talking on social media because who doesn’t want to imagine a British pig in a dress being taller than the average human?

There was some talk about Peppa’s potential in the NBA.

Twitter user sometimesgif tweeted NBA scouts when they see Peppa Pig’s height and posted a photo of an agent on a cellphone

Another fan had some questions about Peppa’s eyes, which are drawn on one side of her face, suggesting she might have four eyes in total.

Twitter user einiosaurus wrote Why has she got 2 eyes on one side of her face? Has she got 2 eyes on the otherside?! Is she a 7ft pig with 4 eyes?! Is this what is in area51?!

Meanwhile, one Twitter user brought up the point that if Peppa is this tall, how tall is Gerald Giraffe?

Twitter user yoongle76726465 writes Y’all scared of peppa but….

The same question was posed for Daddy Pig.

Twitter user Gastodon writes “How tall is Daddy Pig?!”

According to a popular fan site, Peppa is actually 3’9” (three feet nine inches).

Twitter user GuessimCherry posted a screenshot of a Peppa Pig fan wiki with Peppa’s height listed as 3’9”

A year with no new clothes

What if you didn’t buy clothes for a whole year?

That’s 52 weeks. No new kicks to cop. No more waiting for the next midnight merch drop from a favourite YouTuber or Hypebeast brand.

Because that’s exactly what action group Extinction Rebellion is asking people to pledge.

A screengrab from Extinction Rebellion’s #BoycottFashion pledge page. (Extinction Rebellion)

The goal of this boycott is to, as the group puts it, “radically change our relationships with clothes.”

So rather than toss out a pair of old pants, you could pass them on, repair them or simply rewear them.

The group is aware that a boycott of this scale could affect people who rely on oil production as a means of making money to live.

But they believe “if people’s wages depend on the destruction of the Earth, our life support system, we cannot simply carry on. We must demand system change that will transform how we sustain ourselves on this planet. This starts by saying no.”

This is all part of the group’s “summer uprising,” which includes active protests around the world to raise awareness.

A group of young people lead an Extinction Protest rally in Bristol, England. (Miriam Quick)

Another way the group is getting its message out is by staging “die-ins,” which serve to simulate what it believes will happen if action isn’t taken.

A ‘die-in’ for Operation Mushroom, a series of protests in the United Kingdom on July 15. (Alfie Warren-Knight).

How are you tackling climate change at home? Are you willing to give up new clothes for a year?

Taylor’s track five reveal

Another day, another Tay fact.

Taylor Swift announced on July 23 that at 5 p.m. she would go live on Instagram to discuss a GIF, which she said was an Easter egg.

Taylor Swift tweeted I’m going live on Instagram tomorrow, July 23 at 5 p.m. ET! I have some stuff I’m reeeeally excited to tell you about, including some info on this Easter egg right here.

Swift stans all put their thinking caps on, and they decoded the tweet a little bit.

They discovered that iTunes listed the track name publicly, and track five on her upcoming album Lover is named The Archer.

Pop Crave tweeted iTunes has revealed that the upcoming @TaylorSwift13 track off of Lover is titled The Archer.

But fans dug a little deeper. They wanted to know if it would be solo or a collab.

TSUpdatesNYBU tweeted According to iTunes, The Archer was composed by Taylor and Jack Antonoff!

They found out that according to song details on iTunes, the track is solo — there are no listed collaborators — and it was composed by Tay Tay and Jack Antonoff.

They have worked together on songs like Look What You Made Me Do, I Don’t Want to Live Forever, Out of the Woods, I Wish You Would and You Are in Love.

In response to the news, or in anticipation of Taylor’s live on Instagram, Antonoff tweeted a bow and arrow emoji.

jackantonoff tweeted an emoji of a bow and arrow

Some fans think it’s a sequel to the song Delicate because one of the lyrics from the song is “dive bar on the east side where you at” and The Archer Dive Bar is, well, a dive bar on the east side of London.

Twitter user drunkontaytay tweeted In the delicate video she says dive bar on the east side where you at and there’s a big graffiti track 5 behind her.. The archer is a dive bar in London and it’s track 5… This is the delicate sequel. We are finally going to find out what the note says and who is in the bar!

The song came out today — have you heard it? What do you think? Did it hit the target?

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