Pee and Poo are Vancouver’s newest mascots. Yes, really

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-05-07 06:30

You can flush these guys down the toilet — and not much else

You may not think twice about what you flush down your toilet, but you should.

So Pee and Poo are here to remind you.

They are Metro Vancouver’s newest mascots. (Metro Vancouver encompasses the city of Vancouver, all the major municipalities and a First Nation that surround it.)

So, what can you flush?

Pee — check.

Poo — check.

Toilet paper — check.

That’s about it.

Anything else can clog your pipes and city sewers.

A person in a poo mascot outfit stands at a booth about flushable products.

Pee and Poo made their first appearance last week to educate people what can and can’t be flushed. (Metro Vancouver)

Metro Vancouver says other items that are commonly flushed are a no-go.

That means don’t flush dental floss, hair, paper towels, wipes, tampons or applicators.

Some of these products may be labelled as “flushable,” but can actually create problems for the sewer system.

And that can cost the municipality a lot of money.

Two women stand with mascots that look like a drop of pee and a pile of poo.

Don’t expect a hug from these cute mascots, but you can still learn from them. (Metro Vancouver)

Unfortunately, Pee and Poo won’t be going on tour outside the Vancouver area.

But even if you don’t get to meet these adorable mascots, their lesson applies to everyone.

A Ryerson University study even put 101 “flushable” products to the test and found that only 11 were appropriate. And they were all different kinds of toilet paper.

That’s because toilet paper is designed to break down.

Just like Pee and Poo.

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