Ontario teen’s TikTok video is conquering the internet

Published 2019-08-21 12:22

Jade Taylor-Ryan’s original take on a trend has gone viral

It’s no secret that cats are the true stars of the internet.

So it’s unsurprising that one of the most viral videos to ever be created in Canada on TikTok, a social media app that allows users to share short videos, stars a fluffy orange sensation named Ed.

Ed belongs to 17-year-old Ottawa teen Jade Taylor-Ryan.

On Friday, she uploaded a video of Ed set to Mr. Sandman, a 1954 song by the a capella group the Chordettes.

In the video, Ed claps his paws, peers into the camera and twirls in and out of the frame in time to the music.

The video is split into nine screens, making it look like a whole cast of orange cats is dancing along.

Since Taylor-Ryan made the post, it’s exploded across the internet, racking up more than 10 million views by Tuesday afternoon.

Taylor-Ryan is picking up on a TikTok trend that combines Mr. Sandman with the nine-camera split-screen filter.

What started it all?

TikTok user Enoch True appears to have started the trend.

His version has since been viewed more than 22 million times.

Popular user @thunthunskittles also produced a version that has been played more than 23 million times.

But Taylor-Ryan’s original take on the trend appears poised to eclipse them both.

Tweet from Shawn Gaston says Like half of my twitter feed since last night has been that Mr. Sandman cat tik tok and I am not mad about it.

On Twitter, some users are saying they can’t seem to stop watching the video.

Tweet from heck jess says I have watched the mr sandman cat video easily 30 times in the last hour and I am not ashamed.

Others have credited Ed with restoring their faith in the internet.

Tweet from Khobe says If you haven't seen the tik tok of the cat dancing to Mr. Sandman you're missing out on the highlight of your life. Tweet from socialist horse girl says the trend of pet cats dancing to mr sandman is literally the best and purest thing the internet has ever come up with and is a beacon in these dark times. Tweet from Nolan says the mr. sandman cat tik tok is the answer to world peace.

Whether Ed brings about world peace or not, the video will definitely be remembered as a viral sensation.

Tweet from Mitten d'Amour says Last week the internet gave you the salmon cannon. This weekend we have Mr Sandman cat and this is what we suffer all the politics for, truly.

And Taylor-Ryan said that the cat seemed happy to play his part.

"He's very chill ... If you pick him up, he doesn't really care," she said.

"I know that some of my friends' cats, if you pick them up, they'll try to scratch you and stuff. But Ed just, like, relaxes and sits there."

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