‘Not as fun as it used to be:’ 4 Canadian kids review Fortnite 8

Published 2019-03-15 09:41

CBC Kids News game reviewers tell us what they really think of the new season

The CBC Kids News team found three “loot llamas” in only three games, which is pretty sweet.

But it still wasn’t enough to convince our four game reviewers that Fortnite Season 8 is much to get excited about.

When asked to rate the new season of the free-to-play battle royale game, which went live Feb. 28, the reviewers gave it only a two out of 10.


That’s a bit of a blow for Epic Games, which released the new season in part to combat the rising popularity of rival Electronic Arts game Apex Legends.

CBC Kids News assembled a team of four gamers from across the country — who had never met — to play the new season and weigh in on the changes.

Watch the video at the top of the page to hear the big moments from the CBC Kids News game review.

Meet our reviewers:

Eleven-year-old Evan Cordeiro from Toronto says he still likes playing Fortnite, but the developers changed a lot of stuff in Season 8 that didn’t need to be changed. (Submitted by Evan Cordeiro)

Mckenna Dickson, 11, from Fall River, N.S., says she doesn’t like that there are no planes in Season 8, but she likes the hoverboards. (Submitted by Mckenna Dickson)

Montreal’s Phoenix Bruneau, 14, says Fortnite is ‘not as fun as it used to be.’ He says all the good ideas in the new season were copied from other games. (Submitted by Phoenix Bruneau)

Keegan May, 11, from Toronto plays Fortnite about three times a week. He says he doesn’t like the skins in Season 8. (Submitted by Keegan May)

If you’re curious to see an uncut version of our Fortnite Season 8 review, you can watch a full recording of the gameplay here: