Kids take over Toronto council

Saara Chaudry
Story by Saara Chaudry and CBC Kids News • 2018-11-21 17:24

Youngsters bring ideas to make the city more child-friendly

More places to play!

Less smoking!

Safer streets!

These are just some of the ideas that kids brought to the mayor of Toronto this week when a group of students took over city council chambers.

It happened on Tuesday, Nov. 20, which is National Day of the Child.

The Grade 4 and 5 students from Kensington Community School and St. Barnabas Catholic School were there to share their ideas on how to make their city a more child-friendly place to live.

For one hour, they brought forward their ideas and answered questions, in the hopes that Mayor John Tory would make some important decisions with the kids’ suggestions in mind.

CBC Kids News contributor Saara Chaudry spoke to some students and John Tory. Watch the video above.

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Saara Chaudry
Saara Chaudry
CBC Kids News Contributor
Saara is passionate about having a positive impact on the world, whether it's within her community, on the big screen, or in her role as a CBC Kids News contributor. The Grade 12 student from Toronto played Little Cosette in Les Miserables, Howie on Max & Shred, Dana's older sister on Dino Dana, and Martina Crowe on The Mysterious Benedict Society. Outside of film and media, Saara is an award-winning international debater and public speaker. She is the current Ontario Debate and Public Speaking Champion. She is also a vociferous advocate for gender and racial equality, as well as girls' education. Saara was recently appointed a UNICEF Canada Youth Advocate in 2020.

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