Why these kids get to jump around in their school’s hallway

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-01-08 11:08

Sensory hallway helps kids who are fidgety and have energy to burn

No need to be quiet and orderly in the hallway at this Manitoba school.

Kids are being encouraged to have fun.

The Roland School has a sensory hallway, which is a colourful activity map on the floor and walls of the school.

Kids crawl along flowers painted on the floor

These kids are following the part of the sensory path by crawling along it. (CBC)

If you follow the path’s plan, you can hop, squat, do push-ups and crawl along the floor.

The kids do it in the mornings and after lunch.

If they’re fidgeting in class, the teacher may tell them to go through the path to burn some energy.

The path is popular among students at the school.

Addison Elias says the more she does the sensory path, the better she gets at it. (CBC)

“It’s awesome,” says 11-year-old Addison Elias. “Some parts are challenging, some parts are easy.”

The path is the first of its kind in Manitoba.

A kid leap frogs on the floor along painted indications

Caleb Mitchell, eight, says the sensory path helps him burn some energy. The frog jump is his favourite part. (CBC)

The school’s principal, Brandy Chevalier, says the path is important to keep the kids healthy by giving them more opportunities to be active.

"They feel like they burned some energy. They feel ready to sit down and to get down to work. They can focus a little bit better,” says Chevalier.

A girl jumps along a painted floor path

Heidi Peters, a Grade 1 student at Roland School, gets some air as she jumps down the sensory path. (Karen Pauls/CBC)

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