Is Halloween cancelled? Tell us how you’d keep it spooky yet safe during COVID

Story by CBC Kids News • 2020-09-17 16:31

Most of Canada still undecided

With the amount of time we’ve spent wearing masks this year, some might say we’ve never been more prepared for Halloween.

But given the COVID-19 risks, how do you stop the holiday from becoming a nightmare before Christmas?

Although some places in the U.S., like Los Angeles, have already cancelled Halloween, most Canadian officials have yet to make a decision or release guidelines for what safe trick-or-treating could look like.

In British Columbia, however, things are a go. Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry gave the OK on Wednesday, but she said things are likely to look a lot different to keep the event safe.

She gave the example of adults pre-packaging piles of treats so that trick-or-treaters aren’t “rummaging around” in the candy bowl.

“I think it's important for us to still celebrate,” Henry said.

No idea is too wild

Some people are already coming up with creative ways to keep things safe.

One man in Ohio decided to create a touch-free “candy chute” with a sign at the bottom to show trick-or-treaters where to hold their bags so the candy can drop right in.

Man holds a large cardboard tube for candy to slide down

In a Facebook post, Ohio dad Andrew Beattie said he made his ‘candy chute’ in 20 minutes from an old shipping tube. He said he plans to wear a mask and change his gloves frequently when he hands out candy. (Image credit: Andrew Beattie/Facebook)

How would you keep things safe and spooky on Halloween?

Whether it be slinging candies from a T-shirt cannon or sending them down the driveway with drones, we want to hear your ideas.



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