Imagine wearing a $6,000 bandage that could save your life

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Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2018-07-18 16:56

Heidi Nash is like most 11-year-olds.

She plays soccer and likes having sleepovers with her friends.

But doing those things hasn’t always been easy.

She has Type 1 diabetes.

That means she has to monitor the foods that she eats and her blood levels to make sure she has the right amount of sugar and insulin in her body.

Now she can do that in a real simple way.

She wears a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) that sends a message to her phone and her parents’ phone so they can all keep track of it.

Heidi calls it by its brand name, Dexcom.

It costs $6,000 and the Yukon government is helping families pay for it.

We caught up with Heidi from her home in Whitehorse, Yukon, to learn more about it.

QUESTION: How does the CGM work?

QUESTION: How has it changed your life?

QUESTION: Are there other parts of your body where you can wear it?


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