How to tell if a viral video is fake

Ari Resnick
Story by Ari Resnick and CBC Kids News • Published 2018-11-22 07:00

What deepfake videos are and why they can be dangerous

Did he really just say that?

Probably not, if what we know about deepfake videos is true.

Deepfake videos are videos that make it look like somebody is saying or doing something, when they never actually did.

They’re usually made with a kind of artificial intelligence technology that makes it possible to turn a still photograph into a moving avatar.

Kind of cool, right?

Except when those videos circulate online and people believe what they’re seeing is true.

An investigation by CBC’s The Fifth Estate showed deepfakes can ruin people’s lives and even influence who wins an election.

Host Mark Kelley spoke with CBC Kids News contributor Ari Resnick about what he learned.

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Ari Resnick
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