How to rock spring styles while still dressing modestly

Saadia Zahra
Story by Saadia Zahra and CBC Kids News • Published 2020-03-20 12:13

Here’s what’s hot this season

#Trending with Saadia. RECAP sidekick Saadia Zahra dishes on the latest fashion trends.

Spring has officially sprung, and with that comes the annual wardrobe renewal we fashionistas look forward to.

I love fashion. But as a Muslim Canadian, I always have to put my own special spin on the season’s looks.

You see, I’m a modest dresser, which means I respect my Muslim faith by wearing a hijab, long sleeves, long shirts, long pants and long skirts.

Modest clothing is all about attention to detail, like tailoring and fit, sleeve styles and pattern mixing.

My closet is full of layers that highlight my personality and make me feel comfortable.

That’s what I think fashion should be for everyone — a choice to present yourself in a way that you think is best for you.

CBCKidsNews Instagram post shows Saadia Zahra posting on the pink carpet with RECAP host Myah Elliott in the background.

From crocheted cardigans to drawstring everything, here are the spring fashion trends I’ll be adding to my closet this season.

1. Classic blue jeans

Instagram post from Cositas Roraloves says I cannot overstate how fun these jeans are! With photo of her wearing wide-legged jeans.

From wide-leg to straight, I'm moving away from skinny jeans and sticking with classic blue.

This is the perfect trend to hunt for when you're thrifting.

Instagram post from Addison Easterling shows girl in light blue jeans eating a snack.

2. Cardigans

Instagram post from Emma Chamberlain shows her wearing a brown cardigan.

I'm ready to jump on the Granny chic bandwagon!

Fun and funky cardigans are practical and so easy to layer up.

Find a crocheted one and you’ll be double trendy!

TikTok by Salome says Passion Cardigan and shows her buttoning a chunky, crocheted cardigan.

3. Square toes

Instagram post by Zapatobysyd shows two pairs of feet wearing square toed shoes.

It's still hip to be square.

Square-toe shoes and boots started gaining traction last year and are everywhere this spring.

Instagram post by loanne ng shows her standing on the sidewalk in light brown square toed boots.

4. Drawstring anything

Instagram post by we are ivy park shows Beyonce in orange lace up jacket.

Thanks to Beyoncé and her Adidas x Ivy Park collection, this is the latest must-have accent.

I'm officially obsessed with drawstrings.

They customize and add fit and flare in an instant.

Instagram post by We are Ivy Park show model in orange lace up gown.

5. Tie-dye comfies

TikTok by Cosette says Can you kick it? And shows her wearing rainbow tie dye shirt.

If you like to DIY your clothing, this is the perfect trend to jump on.

Comfy hoodies and sweats in bold or subtle tie dye are not just groovy, they’re chic too.

Instagram post by c syresmith shows kid dressed in full tie dye outfit next to graffiti wall.

Even though I can’t afford luxury pieces, I still love to follow fashion designers and track the trends.

The beauty of well-designed fashion inspires me because I know how much work goes into creating something from nothing.

But style doesn’t have to break the bank.

I feel just as amazing in a beautiful thrifted and tailored piece as I would in one from a designer label.

It’s our confidence that carries the piece, not its price tag.

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