Meet a real-life hero — and he’s only 11

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Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2018-07-25 15:28

Keegan Kouwenberg is a real-life hero.

The 11-year-old, from Oxford, N.S., was on his way to meet some friends when he saw smoke and flames under the veranda of a house five doors down.

He ran home to call 911 — but that’s not all.

He also made sure to take note of the house’s address so the fire department knew where to go.

And after he called 911, he went back to the house with a neighbour’s daughter to alert the person who lives in the house to get out.

Thanks to Keegan’s quick thinking, minimal damage was caused by the fire and no one was hurt.

We caught up with Keegan from his home in Nova Scotia.

QUESTION: What happened when you saw the fire?

QUESTION: How did you know that the civic address was important?

QUESTION: What do you think about being called a hero?


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