Here’s what you think are the funniest words

CBC Kids News • Published 2018-12-28 07:00

We asked and you answered

According to researchers, people are more likely to laugh at words related to bodily functions, animals and insults, among other things.

So what words did they pick as the funniest? According to their research, some of the top funniest words out there were "upchuck," "puffball" and "jiggly."

We asked what funny word you would add to their list.

We received a lot of really funny responses — so many that we couldn't just pick one to showcase. 

Without further ado, here are the words that you thought are ever funnier than "slobber," "booger" or even "guffaw"! 

bog tile moist booger pee sniffles gardyloo fleef perogy poof jiggly kawawa buoyancy supercalifragilisticexpialidocious jiggly potato shoo banana hootle duty tinkle  arugula  banana blobby dodo frogman marshmallow squeal poop blah quinn helga chupchik bugle goop tickle pickle borborygm jiggly fuzzball puzzled stache snort hufflepuff goofball piggly poo oof plop poof discombobulate doodly googly snot ploop crunchy foozles oozles fluff oogity yeet fart fart puff poopypants horse  moo doofus doorknob venus funniest math tickle plumpy nincompoop puffball pumpkin pompom pookie diarrhea goof hoot poo blobby  hoot gardyloo oof oof poop oof oogabooga wahoo pee oogle gardyloo caulk shiskabob ok klunk lol zamboni  bumfuzzle  nincompoop  collywobbles  doodie  kerfuffle  baboo  poopies  snickerdoodle  falafel  thingamabob  whatchamacallit  bumfuzzle  borborygm  cattywampus  moist  tushie  tootie  heebie jeebie  thingamajig  unce  hodgepodge

To learn more about the funniest words and why they make us laugh, check out the original post.

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