Friendship found between a fox and a hound

CBC Kids News • Published 2020-09-03 12:30

The furry pair from Alberta always hang out together

This is not something you see every day.

A fox and dog playing together like old pals.

Fox jumps on dog plarfully.

No this isn’t a Disney film, it’s a real-life furry friendship. (Image submitted by Wendy Poseluzny)

The unlikely duo, Willow the fox and Hank the Newfoundland dog, have quickly become best buds.

Wendy Poseluzny, Hank’s owner, has spent the summer watching the two play in her backyard in Stony Plain, Alta. (Alberta).

Dog rolling in grass.

Sometimes you just have to roll with making new pals. (Image credit: Scott Neufeld/CBC)

She describes Hank as a gentle giant that makes friends with just about everyone — including a wild fox, which Poseluzny decided to name Willow.

She said it was a bit of a surprise to see the pair bond.

Fox sitting down.

Willow the fox appears to be a few months old. The fox showed up on Wendy Poseluzny’s property at the start of the summer. (Image credit: Scott Neufeld/CBC)

Hank is usually an indoor dog, but whenever he goes outside, Willow is waiting for fun.

And Hank seems to like it.

“It doesn't bother [Hank the dog] at all,” said Poseluzny. “He actually gets down and plays with her and chases her and they chase each other back and forth. It's pretty funny to watch.”

Fox playfully bites dogs tail.

Taking a bite out of friendship — and a tail. (Image submitted by Wendy Poseluzny)

For now, the buddies are on good terms and remain “inseparable,” said Poseluzny.

Talk about furry friends we’d want to frolic with!

TOP IMAGE CREDIT: (Scott Neufeld/CBC, graphic design by Allison Cake/CBC)

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