Feeling bored? Here are 5 things to do this summer

CBC Kids News • Published 2020-07-28 11:00

From lemonade recipes to unicycling around town, we’ve got you covered

Bored much?

We’re midway through summer and maybe you find yourself experiencing a major case of the blahs.

We’ve all felt it — it seems like there’s nothing to do, nothing to watch and you can’t hang with your pals like usual.

Well, fear not, because at CBC Kids News, we’ve got a team of contributors here to help kickstart some fun.

Here’s our list of five ways to bring some smiles this summer.

1. Learn a new skill or hobby

Contributor Anisha Latchman, 17, is latching onto a new hobby — Rollerblading.

Green and keen! Anisha Latchman challenged herself to learn how to skate in just a week. (Image submitted by Anisha Latchman)

This summer, she decided to take to the streets and learn to skate. 

“I had watched my neighbourhood Rollerbladers in envy for long enough, and decided to finally get rolling with it.” — Anisha Latchman

Not without a few wobbles and bumps along the way.

Her tip? Embrace falling. It will happen, but learn to fall “well.”

“It’s super important to first learn how to fall safely. I spent an entire day teaching myself to fall forwards on my knee pads and wrist guards rather than backwards and risk hitting my head. And even after all that training, I’d still recommend wearing a helmet, just to be safe,” she said.

2. Get outside and find some balance

Speaking of balance, contributor Emile Burbidge, 16, has it down pat.

He loves riding his unicycle around.

A one-wheeler is one way that Emile loves to cure his boredom. (Image submitted by Emile Burbidge)

It allows him to get outside and practise new tricks — like jumping and riding backwards.

“I'm one-of-a-kind on one wheel!” — Emile Burbidge

Although you don’t have to run out and buy a unicycle, try going for a nice bike ride or walk around town.

3. Try a new recipe

After all that activity outside, be sure to hydrate.

Thanks to sidekick Veena Yamano, 17, we know what we’ll be drinking — sparkling lemonade!

She loves making it for her family and spices it up by adding different ingredients.

“It's super refreshing and an awesome way to cool down on those scorching hot days,” she said.

4. Dust off that bookshelf and get reading

Sure, school may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your brain needs to turn to jelly.

Exercise that mighty noggin of yours and crack open one of the books collecting dust on your shelf.

What book is next on your to-read list? Sidekick Saadia Zahra loves a good reading session. (Image submitted by Saadia Zahra)

Dive into a historical book, escape into some science fiction or even try out a new YA series.

Sidekick Saadia Zahra, 17, is quite the bookworm and she loves expanding her horizons in the pages of books.

"During quarantine, I have all of this free time to read all the books I put off. Now I can put on some Mariah Carey and some Beyoncé and read in the sun!"  — Saadia Zahra

Tunes up, books out, read on!

5. Challenge yourself to learn a trick shot

Contributor Abigail Dove, 15, has quite a few tricks up her sleeve — literally.

She loves to cure her boredom by learning a new trick shot.

“Can you chip a golf ball into a small cup? Throw a football into a basketball net? The possibilities are endless and you can get as creative as you want.” — Abigail Dove

The harder the challenge, the more fun it is to Abigail.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Abigail’s trick shot and try one out yourself!

Have your own boredom cure?

Let us know by submitting your favourite boredom-busting activity at cbckidsnews@cbc.ca

We might just feature it on our website!

TOP IMAGE CREDIT (Philip Street/CBC, images submitted by: Emile Burbidge, Saadia Zahra and Anisha Latchman) 

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