Dolan Twins announce YouTube burnout, fans respond with tears

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-10-09 14:44

YouTube superstars tell all in emotional new video 

It’s time to move on.

That’s the title of the latest video from the Dolan Twins, a pair of YouTubers who have garnered over one million subscribers in their five years of making weekly content.

In the hour-long video — which already has more than four million views since its upload yesterday — Ethan and Grayson announce they will no longer be making videos every Tuesday.

They say they’re doing it for their mental health.

This comes after other creators like Elle Mills and Lilly Singh have been up front about their YouTube burnout. 

The 19-year-old brothers spend the majority of the video opening up to fellow YouTuber Shane Dawson.

YouTuber Shane Dawson has also been open about his struggles to push out content and how it’s affected his mental health. (Dolan Twins/YouTube)

The twins tell Shane that the pressure to put out weekly videos has led to burnout and hasn’t allowed them to nurture their personal lives outside of YouTube.

“I never really knew why I had this fire inside me to keep going when everything in my body and my mind was telling me to stop,” said Grayson.

The twins also talk extensively about their dad’s passing in January 2019, and how the pressure to return to work caused them to neglect the grieving process.

Thankfully, the twins assured fans that they won’t be quitting YouTube altogether, but will stop producing weekly videos to focus on making better content.

The majority of fans have been supportive.

Not even halfway through your video and I'm in tears. Please take a break for yourselves. Put yourself first. You're more important to us than the videos you post. In literally tears. We love you.

Although some fans are devastated, some are focusing on the bright side.

Also why are people going on like they're never gonna post a video again? this is something so positive and something to be happy about. We will probably see them on their Snapchat more and instagram and here we will see them happy.

I'm so glad the boys are getting rid of the set and wanting to make their videos more real. I'd way rather see them being themselves then semi fake versions trying to force out videos they aren't into.

Some are claiming that the twins are making the announcement a much bigger deal than it actually is.

When I saw Dolan Twin video was an hour I rolled my eyes. They need an hour to tell us they're stopping weekly uploads? However, the video was actually good and stayed entertaining. It cracks me up how @shanedawson has become YouTube's Yoda.

And the debate is heating up on both sides.

ok the twins aren't quitting youtube, yeah they made an hour long vid that could have been 5 minutes but they're expressing themselves and respecting their fans and viewers because if they didn't Y'ALL WOULD GO AFTER THEM like crazies #DolanTwins love them still

Despite some criticism, the response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive, with many fans calling the twins brave for being open about their mental health.

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