Do you plan on driving a gas-powered car when you grow up?

Published 2022-04-20 06:55

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Do you plan on driving a gas-powered car when you grow up?

That’s the question of the week.

The price at the pump has hit record highs in recent months.

That’s in part because of sanctions — or penalties — against Russia after it invaded Ukraine.

It’s also because many places have rolled back their restrictions against COVID-19, so more people are travelling and getting outside again.

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Long-term effects of using oil

Longer term, our reliance on oil and its products can be seen as a problem.

Extracting crude oil can destroy and pollute the natural world. The emissions from fossil fuels contribute significantly to climate change.

Plus, having the entire world at the mercy of oil prices can have big consequences. Currently, the global economy is being hit hard because of the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which is a major oil producer. 

Some experts suggest moving to hybrid and electric vehicles, while others say that those cars are too expensive and won’t solve the problem overall.

Even if you’re not old enough to drive yet, do these high gas prices get you thinking about the future? Do you plan on driving a gas-powered car or do you think electric is the way to go? Does it bother you that electric cars are more expensive?

Make up your mind by learning more

CBC Kids News contributor Arjun Ram breaks it down in the latest KN Explains video.

Click play to learn more about the rising cost of gas prices and how it relates to world events.

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