CBC Kids News stream marks 1 year since COVID-19

Story by CBC Kids News • 2021-03-05 15:52

YouTube Live featuring experts, celebrities and kids

This last year has been anything but normal.

Who would have guessed kids would be attending classes over Zoom or wearing masks?

COVID-19 has changed … well, everything.

Remember what it was like a year ago, when all this started? It feels pretty different now, doesn’t it?

So let’s talk about it!

Join our stream on March 12 at 1 p.m. ET.

Hosted by CBC Kids News contributor Saara Chaudry, we’ll spend an hour looking at the past year.

“This is a chance for tweens to feel seen and heard from people ranging from their favourite content creators all the way to scientists,” Saara said.

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We’ll also bust some myths, examine how COVID-19 is shaping trends and talk to experts about what we can expect in the next year.

Do you have questions?

Tune in to hear kids from across the country tell us what their year has been like during the pandemic.

Do you have questions? Ask a parent or guardian for permission and email them to us at cbckidsnews.ca.

We might have one of our expert guests answer your question during the event.

What was the year like? What did we learn? And most importantly, what’s next?

Check our website next week to see what we’ve got lined up, including some celebrity announcements!

You won’t want to miss the CBC Kids News stream March 12 at 1 p.m. ET.

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