Want CBC Kids News to visit your class?

Published 2022-12-07 09:09

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Whether you’re going to school in person or doing virtual learning, you can invite CBC Kids News to your classroom for a behind-the-scenes perspective on how news is produced!

Connecting with a CBC Kids News journalist via Zoom, classes will learn the step-by-step process of how a news story is produced, including picking a topic, the interview process, selecting the subject, and more.

This session is ideal for for students in Gr. 5-7 (the content is not always suitable for JK - Gr. 4). To participate, your class must have access to Zoom.

What you can expect from your CBC Kids News in the Classroom hangout:

What teachers need to know:

Please note CBC Kids News in the Classroom is a virtual experience hosted over Zoom with the capacity to host up to three classes in attendance. Classrooms may be from different schools, school boards, cities or provinces. CBC will NOT record sessions and we also request that classes do not record the program. We encourage you to keep your camera on but it is a camera-optional experience with the opportunity to engage via moderated chat or microphone. If your students are participating virtually from home, their name may be visible to others.

All teachers will be added to the Zoom meet as a co-host at the beginning of the session. This will allow each teacher to admit late students as necessary, communicate directly with their classroom, view the chat messages of all their students and mute or unmute individuals during the session.

CBC expects students to behave the same way they would during class and teachers may be asked to intervene if a student is acting inappropriately. 

In particular, teachers should pay close attention to students who may be attending virtually from outside of the classroom, where the environment is less controlled and cameras and microphones may pick up unwanted background sights and sounds.

It is your responsibility to obtain all the necessary permission forms your school requires in order for your classroom to attend.

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You can also reach out to us at kidsnewsintheclassroom@cbc.ca. We’re happy to help!