Capturing the best moments from a c-c-c-c-cold week in Canada

CBC Kids News • Published 2020-01-17 11:45
UPDATE: Friday's blizzard in Newfoundland ended up smashing records. On Jan. 18, the Canadian government even agreed to send in the military to help clear snow.

Frozen spaghetti, anyone?

What do you do when confronted by a big snowstorm in a place that doesn’t get much snow? You get creative.

When Vancouver was covered in snow this week — more than three times the amount the city usually gets in the whole month of January — this guy decided to use a lawn chair to clear the sidewalk.

Tweet from Kahlil Ashanti shows man working on sidewalk with caption: He's shoveling snow with a folding chair. If this ain't west coast I don't know what is.

I guess Vancouverites don’t have extensive shovel collections, the way many other Canadians do.

But they do seem to share that Canadian enthusiasm for helping out in a crisis.

When a public transit bus got stuck in Vancouver on Jan. 15, these pedestrians jumped at the chance to help push it out of a snow drift.

Tweet from Star Stuff shows people pushing a bus with caption: OMG When transit passengers have to push their mode of conveyance you know you should have stayed home.

Vancouver kids even got a day off school on Wednesday, which is pretty rare for kids in that part of the country, and they took advantage by building forts and hitting the slopes.

Boy sleds down residential street.

It was so snowy in Vancouver on Jan. 15 that schools were closed, and many streets, too, which meant kids could play in the middle of the road without worrying about traffic. (Ben Nelms/CBC)

Kids weren’t the only ones lovin’ the white stuff in B.C. this week.

The otters at the Vancouver Aquarium had a ball.

Tweet from the Vancouver Aquarium shows otter playing with snow and caption: At least 7 locals are enjoying vancouver snow!

In other parts of Canada, the creatures — animal and human alike — were not so happy with extremely cold temperatures.

Edmonton was more than twice as cold as Antarctica on Thursday, with the wind chill making it feel like –50 C in some places.

It was a little warmer in Calgary on Wednesday, but still cold enough that the penguins at the zoo had to stay inside for three days in a row.

Tweet from the Calgary Zoo says When it's colder in Calgary than it is in Antarctica... The penguin walk has been cancelled today.

Albertans took the deep freeze in stride by getting artsy.

Tweet from Karen Mackay show image of fork frozen in the air with spaghetti falling from it with caption: At minus 33 I had to try this!

Instagram post from first name lily show blast of water freezing in beautiful pattern with caption: This is what will happen to your eyeballs if you step outside today.

It was frigid in Saskatchewan, too, with school buses grinding to a halt in a number of places.

Tweet from CAA Saskatchewan says for the second day in a row, it's too cold for school buses to run in parts of Saskatchewan.

And in Newfoundland, the drama continues today, with high winds and heavy snowfall.

At 11 a.m. NT, officials declared a state of emergency in the city of St. John’s as a massive snow storm moved across the province.

All businesses were closed and drivers were told to stay off the roads.

Forecasters were calling for up to 75 centimetres of snow in some places, which is the same as two and a half school rulers … and probably taller than your dog!

Dog lies in snowy sled.

How do you take your dog for a walk in a blizzard? In St. John’s, one dog owner decided a sled was the solution. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

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