Canadian kids share their pandemic experiences and creativity

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2020-08-04 12:07

From Ma’ayan’s Pride celebration to Charlie and his cat Zucchini

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected kids from all over Canada. It shut down schools, closed parks and stopped visits with friends and family.

CBC Kids News collected submissions from kids across who have shared their thoughts and feelings about how the pandemic has affected them.

Pride in the time of coronavirus

Ma’ayan, age 9 from Toronto, submitted a story about how she and her neighbours celebrated Pride during the pandemic. She included some photos of a physically distant parade and told her story of a neighbourhood coming together in tough times.

Maayan wearing a mask stands with her two moms.

Ma’ayan and her moms at their neighbourhood Pride celebration. (Image Credit: Submitted by Elana Moscovitch)

Canadian teen reflects on anti-Asian racism

Salina, age 16 from Toronto, submitted a blog post she wrote about living through the pandemic as an Asian-Canadian. She talks about how anti-Asian racism makes her feel and the lessons she’s learned.

A cat’s point of view

Charlie, age 9 from Toronto, sent in a fictional story from the point of view of his family cat named Zucchini. This funny take on quarantine describes how Charlie imagines Zucchini feels about its humans being at home all day, everyday. In one word, it’s annoyed.

Charlie and his cat Zuchinni.

Charlie and Zucchini the cat. (Image Credit: Submitted by Natalia Cacliagli)

Crossing the border during lockdown

Ariela, age 12 from Hampton, N.B., submitted a travel blog post she wrote about her family’s trip from Florida to the Canadian border just as the pandemic lockdown orders were starting. She describes empty streets, fears of closing borders and staying entertained on the 24-hour drive.

A poem for the moment

Umeshi, age 12 from Scarborough, Ont., sent in a poem that she wrote about the challenges of the pandemic. She also included a drawing that she created to celebrate frontline workers.

Umeshi’s hand-drawn shoutout to frontline workers. (Image Credit: Submitted by Arulnithy Thuraisingham)

Sharing musical talent

Ruthabella, age 14 from Richmond Hill, Ont., shared her story about finding the good side of quarantine. She is disappointed to be missing out on some things, but is using her free time to entertain and teach younger kids music.

Ruthabella playing guitar for her online students. (Image Credit: Submitted by Rebecca Chong)

Hopeful for the future

Shiven, age 13 from Mississauga, Ont., sent in some of his opinions and reflections about ways Canada might change because of the pandemic. He is optimistic that some good will come out of the challenges.

Playful creativity

Lauren, age 9 from Calgary, has been using the quarantine to create slideshows and dioramas from her toys. She submitted a slideshow made with Playmobil figures about eight good things that she has experienced during the pandemic.

Part of Lauren’s slideshow celebrating the extra time to be creative during quarantine. (Image Credit: Submitted by Carmen Wittmeier)

What have you been creating during the pandemic?

If you are a Canadian kid and have some artwork or a piece of writing that you would like to share, please have a parent/guardian fill out the submission form here.

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Top Image: Photos submitted by Diana White, Arulnithy Thuraisingham, Natalia Cacliagli, Caihong Li and Elana Moscovitch, Graphic design by Philip Street/CBC