Canadian kids join in as global climate protests rock the planet

Story by CBC Kids News • 2019-03-15 15:41

Students rallied in more than 100 countries on March 15

Fear drove Ada Dechene to join kids across the planet who were protesting inaction on climate change on Friday.

“I am really scared about what the future could be,” said the Grade 7 student at École Connaught Community School in Regina.

“I don't want people to die because of a thing that could have been stopped if people had taken it more seriously.”

Dechene, 12, is one of countless kids across the planet who rallied on March 15 to encourage governments to do more to fight global warming.

Students in more than 100 countries, including Canada, skipped school for the cause.

Ada Dechene holds a sign that says Your house is on fire.

Regina’s Ada Dechene says she worries about an increase in extreme weather events like tornadoes, droughts and floods. (Matthew Howard/CBC)

Students stand on an outdoor staircase.

On March 15, around 200 students blocked access to Joseph-François-Perrault high school in Montreal. (Mélanie Meloche-Holubowski/Radio-Canada)

Students gather in a parking lot.

A handful of politicians showed up at the March 15 protest in St. John's, N.L., to speak to the hundreds of students who were gathered there. (Meg Roberts/CBC)

Kids in some countries had already been holding regular protests in the lead-up to the international day of action.

The movement was inspired by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, 16, who was nominated for the most important peace prize on the planet, the Nobel Peace Prize, on March 14.

A crowd of people holding signs fills a street.

Students in Lisbon, Portugal, filled the streets on March 15 with signs that said things like ‘There’s no planet B.’ (Rafael Marchante/Reuters)

Girl holds poster that says No new fossil fuel projects.

Kids in more than 100 countries across the planet took part in the protests including in Quezon City, the Philippines. (Jes Aznar/Getty Images)

Girls in school uniforms stand in a line with a sign that says Denial is not a policy.

Students in Cape Town, South Africa, chanted and waved signs that said things like ‘Don’t be a fossil fool.’ (Mike Hutchings/Reuters)

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