BIZ KIDS — Chocolate bombs are teen’s ticket to sweet success

CBC Kids News • Published 2021-04-05 05:59

Montrealer started chocolate bomb business after the holidays

No need for a weekly allowance when you can make your own money!
Lots of Canadian kids run their own businesses, but how do they pull it off?
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Vanessa Sebbag, 15, got the initial inspiration for her sweet business from social media.

It started at Christmas, when the Montreal teen saw the frenzy over chocolate bombs exploding online.

The bombs are hard balls of chocolate with sweet fillings that are dissolved in water or milk to make hot chocolate.

The hype sparked her inner entrepreneur, and she's been selling her own bombs through Instagram ever since.

Vanessa uses moulds to make chocolate spheres filled with chocolate powder and marshmallows. (Image credit: CBC)

Vanessa makes chocolate spheres filled with things like chocolate powder, coffee or marshmallows.

How the business works

Vanessa’s company is called Chocolate Heaven.

She doesn’t have any employees, but she gets help from family members like her mom, who stays up until 3 a.m sometimes helping Vanessa with her business.

Vanessa makes the bombs in her kitchen and takes orders via Instagram.

Customers can choose from white chocolate, dark chocolate or milk chocolate and they get two pieces per box.

Vanessa supplies treats for holidays, birthdays and has even branched out into cakes and cake-sicles, which are popsicle-sized cakes.

Vanessa donates her treats to employees at Notre-Dame and Jewish General hospitals in Montreal. (Image credit: CBC)

Why invest in chocolate bombs? It’s simple.

“Chocolate bombs put a smile on people's faces,” Vanessa said. “Adults and children can both enjoy it.”

Sweet treat gives back

Vanessa also donates batches to employees at nearby hospitals in order to cheer up front-line workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said she’s more than happy to use her new business to give back to her community.

“My principle is to always give back before getting.”

Vanessa says, in her experience, that chocolate bombs are loved by both children and adults. (Image credit: CBC)

“I know that I am just a 15-year-old kid that goes to school every day, but to think that I helped makes me feel so good.”

Chocolate Heaven is also working with a non-profit organization in Montreal called Esther's Angels, which provides essential services and items to families in need.

With files from Kwabena Oduro/CBC
TOP IMAGE CREDIT: Nathalie Sebbag

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