bbno$ on Lalala, French Toast Crunch, Twitch and his toque

Published 2020-08-13 07:00

Canadian rapper shares a salad dressing recipe you’ll wanna try

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who? bbno$ pronounced like baby no money real name Alexander Gumachian. What? Known for his slick rap songs, including the TikTok smash hit lalala. Where? Born in Vancouver, B.C.

vibe check with bbno$. 1. Hidden talent? Was a competitive swimmer. 2. Can't leave the house without? His toque! I wear it even when it is scorching hot outside. 3. One of his fav apps? Twitch. He streams and watches. 4. Fav game? TowerFall. It's the most fun I've ever had on a game. 5. Cereal of choice? French Toast Crunch. It's like cinnamon toast crunch, but maple syrup. When it's lightly soggy, it's perfect. 6. Dream collab? Missy Elliot and Timbaland. 7. Coolest people to slide into his DMs? David Dobrik and Logan Paul.

super secret salad dressing recipe by bbno$ 1. balsamic vinegar 2. olive oil 3. sriracha 4. pepper 5. dijon mustard 6. shake it up well.

All designs: (Allison Cake/CBC and Philip Street/CBC) Top image credit: (bbnomula/Instagram)

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