Ariana Grande gets grilled online for tattoo mistake

CBC Kids News • Published 2019-01-31 16:37

Hand tattoo turns out to be an ode to a small charcoal grill

Either Ariana Grande loves Japanese barbecue or there’s something terribly wrong with her new tattoo.

When the U.S. singer posted a photo of her new hand tattoo on Instagram this week, she wrote that the combination of Japanese characters meant “7 Rings.”

That’s also the name of her current hit single.

Turns out Grande was wrong.

The tattoo actually said shichirin or small charcoal grill.

Grande has deleted all her tattoo posts from social media but you can still see the original photo on some fan pages:

Tweet @ArianatorFallen says Ariana got new tattoo omg

Plus, the response:

Tweet @SitiAimy says Omg I love @ArianaGrande's new tatto w/ photo of hot dog fingers with fake nails on them.

Tweet @trynabemaia says Can't believe I did this. I got a tattoo to match Ariana Grande and picture shows words BBQ Grill written on hand in black marker.

Screenshots from Grande’s Instagram account suggest she then tried to fix the tattoo by adding characters.

“Slightly better,” it said on her updated post. “Rip tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man.”

Some critics online said the change didn’t exactly fix the problem.

Tweet @ghostofthor says ariana grande loves japanese culture and its language so much she ended up with a tattoo that says barbeque fingers

The tattoo has a different meaning depending on which order you read the characters in.

But if you read the top line, left to right, and then the bottom line, left to right, it says: small charcoal grill finger (heart).

No word yet on whether Grande plans on getting any more tattoos any time soon.

Tweet @eimiyamamitsu says Now Ariana's tattoo reads Japanese BBQ finger

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