Alaskan moose shows off soccer skills

CBC Kids News • Published 2020-10-23 05:00

Check out this moose on the loose … with a soccer ball

Have you ever wondered why some online videos end up going viral?
CBC Kids News decided to dig a little deeper to find out how it happened.

Move over Lionel Messi, “Lionel Moose-i” is in town.

A video of a moose showing off some fancy footwork with a soccer ball got millions of views after it was posted to Instagram last week and then shared widely.

Brittany Wilderom recorded the video on Oct. 14, after the creature wandered onto the pitch during her pickup soccer game in Homer, Alaska.

As it turned out, that moose could really dribble. 

Moose dribbles a soccer ball.

(Image credit: @brittany_spins/Instagram)

“The game was stopped and there was a ball, like, rolling towards the moose,” Wilderom told CBC Sports, then “it just started playing with the ball.”

Nobody expected the moose to start dribbling, she said, but dribble it did.

At one point, the moose even ran into the net like a goalkeeper.

“It was having a good old time,” Wilderom said, laughing.

(Image credit: @brittany_spins/Instagram)

Wilderom said she was surprised when the video started making tracks online.

And people have been sharing some pretty amoosing puns in the online comments, she said.

Her favourite? When somebody nicknamed the animal Lionel Moose-i, after Argentinian superstar Lionel Messi.

Better moove over, Messi, this moose is coming for you!

With files from Tanya Casole-Gouveia/CBC Sports

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