Want to tell CBC Kids News what to do? Join the KN Insiders

Story by CBC Kids News • Published 2022-09-05 10:03

Volunteer and help Kids News improve

Want to be a KN Insider?

Volunteering as an insider means you’ll be part of an exclusive group of kids from across Canada who will help make CBC Kids News even better.

We will send you short weekly surveys,  so that you can tell us what we’re doing well or what we need to work on.

How to join

If you’re interested in joining us, please have a parent or guardian read the instructions and fill out the consent form below. Once we have received your completed form, we’ll email you to get things going.

Right now we are only inviting Canadian kids ages nine to 13 to be part of the KN Insiders.

If you sign up before Sept. 30, 2022, CBC Kids News will send you a free branded toque or phone grip!

Parent instructions

We are inviting kids between the ages of nine and 13 to participate in a volunteer feedback group for CBC Kids News. This means they would receive regular, short surveys with an opportunity to weigh in, review and provide feedback on news content we create for kids like your child. This is a great opportunity for them to develop their interest in journalism and help us cater our content to meet their needs.

In order to be part of this initiative, we would like to get to know your child better. With your consent, they will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire about their interests. This will help us better understand the kids who are interested in CBC Kids News.

We take privacy seriously at the CBC. Your child's information will remain confidential, and their responses will be analyzed in aggregate only. In other words, their responses will be anonymous and no child will be singled out based on their responses.

Upon completing the form, we will email your child weekly surveys and start communicating with them directly via their personal email or through your email, if that is your preference.

This sign-up for the KN Insiders will be active until Aug. 31 2023, during which time your child can expect to receive periodic questions and brief surveys from the CBC Kids News team.


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