2018’s most powerful YouTubers

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Who slayed at the 2018 Streamys?

YouTube is home to a lot of information.

In the span of 30 minutes, you could listen to a Lauv and Julia Michaels collaboration, watch someone unbox anything, grab Fortnite tips from a game walk-through and learn how to use an ice cube as a makeup primer.

Whatever you’re into, it’s probably there.

The point is: There are a lot of people creating awesome things online.

Which is why the Streamy Awards were formed, with award categories like costume design, directing, comedy, food, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, cover song, dance, sports, news, acting and many more.

The Try Guys hosted the ceremony in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Oct. 22, and many popular YouTubers took home top honours.

The Try Guys hosting at the 2018 Streamy Awards in Beverly Hills, California (YouTube)

In the kids and family category, Guava Juice — also known as Roi Fabito — came out on top.

Fabito is known for videos like taking a bath in Jell-O, animating his life, testing weird products and making music videos.

Gabbie Hanna won for best storyteller because of her weekly first-person videos with titles like “I Got Punched in the Face” and “Hiking with Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner.”

When she accepted her award, she said she only started telling stories online because “Jenna Marbles told [her] to.”

Gabbie Hanna accepting a 2018 Streamy for best storyteller (YouTube)

If you’re into Fortnite, you know Ninja.

Not only has he proven himself to be a top player, but he also keeps people coming back to his channels for his unboxing videos and game walk-throughs.

He won awards in two categories: gaming and live streamer.

A segment from the 2018 Streamy awards featuring YouTube creator Ninja (YouTube) 

Reaching emerging status doesn’t necessarily always happen slowly.

In late September, Forbes urged people not to “sleep on YouTube star Emma Chamberlain” because it saw her star rising faster online than other names like Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

On Monday, Chamberlain took home the honour.

Emma Chamberlain accepting a 2018 Streamy for emerging creator (YouTube)

But everyone can’t be a winner at the Streamy Awards — and that’s why there’s next year. 

For a complete list of the 2018 winners, see below.

2018 Streamy Award winners

Creator of the year: Shane Dawson
Show of the year: The Try Guys
Action or sci-fi: Two Sentence Horror Stories
Animated: storybooth
Breakout creator: Emma Chamberlain
Documentary: Shane Dawson’s The Truth About Tanacon
First person: David Dobrik
Immersive: Find Me - BlackBoxTV
International: Pautips (Colombia)
Comedy series: Liza on Demand
Drama series: Giants
Indie series: the T
Non-fiction series: Hot Ones
Beauty: James Charles
Fashion: Niki and Gabi
Food: Worth It
Gaming: Ninja
Health and wellness: Jay Shetty
Kids and family: Guava Juice
Lifestyle: Merrell Twins
News: The Philip DeFranco Show
Science or education: Marques Brownlee
Sports: Cold as Balls
Acting in a comedy: Liza Koshy - Liza on Demand
Acting in a drama: Anna Akana - Youth & Consequences
Podcast: Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig
Collaboration: Kandee Johnson and Kim Kardashian - Princess Jasmine Transformation
Dance: Matt Steffanina
Ensemble cast: David’s Vlog
Breakthrough artist: Marshmello
Cover song: Walk Off the Earth - Girls Like You (Maroon 5)
Cinematography: Joe Sabia - Vogue’s 73 Questions
Costume design: Olivia Hines - Escape the Night
Directing: Jesse Ridgway - My Virtual Escape
Editing: Shane Dawson and Andrew Siwicki - Shane Dawson’s The Truth About Tanacon
Visual and special effects: Tobias Richter and Ryan Bieber - ATROPA
Writing: DeStorm Power - Caught
Live streamer: Ninja
Storyteller: Gabbie Hanna
Branded content — Video: Upside Down Cooking Challenge: Giant Burrito for Glad
Influencer campaign: New Year, New Me — Rudy Mancuso & Stephen Curry for Brita
Pop culture: Vogue’s 73 Questions
Dog of the year: Todd the Hero Dog
Comedy: Brandon Rogers

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