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Balloon table tennis craft

One of the most popular games at the Olympics is table tennis. You can make your own balloon table tennis set using basic supplies and play along with the athletes, on rainy days when you're stuck indoors, or when you're just looking for something fun to do with your friends.

What you'll need:

  • paper plates
  • crayons
  • craft sticks
  • scissors
  • tape (duct tape works best)
  • balloons

ping pong materials


1. Decorate the paper plates with any design you want. Get creative!

Step 1 - decorate the paper plates

2. Tape a craft stick to the back of each paper plate to make the paddles.

Step 2 - tape a stick to the back of the plate

3. Blow up a balloon. You can now use your awesome new paddles to hit it back and forth just like in table tennis. Try to see how long you can keep the balloon in the air.

Step 3 - blow up a balloon

This craft was designed by Gina Bell, a writer, blogger and mom who contributes to CBC Parents.