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Differences between Canada and Brazil

The 2016 Olympic Games take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. How much do you know about Brazil? How is Brazil different from Canada? Let’s take a look!


Brazil, officially called the Federative Republic of Brazil, is the largest country in South America and has a population of approximately 209 million people. Canada is the largest country in North America but has a population of only approximately 36 million people. Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world by size and population whereas Canada is the 2nd largest by size and 38th by population.


The official language of Brazil is Portuguese. In Canada our two official languages are English and French. At the Olympic Games you might hear Brazilians cheering for their athletes by chanting “Eu sou brasileiro, com muito orgulho, com muito amor.” which means “I’m Brazilian, with a lot of pride, with a lot of love.”  In Canada we simply shout “GO CANADA GO!”.

National animals

national animals - parrot and beaver

The national animal of Brazil is the macaw (those beautiful, long-tailed, brightly coloured parrots). In Canada our national animal is the North American beaver (the not so beautiful or brightly coloured, buck-toothed rodent looking thing with a big flat tail...okay they’re kinda cute). You can find the beaver on the Canadian 5 cent coin, or nickel. Speaking of money, in Canada we use Canadian dollars and in Brazil they use the Brazilian real.

Food and drink

food and drink - feijoada and poutine

The national dish eaten commonly across all of Brazil is a hearty stew called Feijoada (say "fee-jo-da") made with beans, beef and pork. When done in the traditional way it takes about 24 hours to prepare so many Brazilians will go out to restaurants to eat this dish on Saturdays. Freshly squeezed or ‘pressed’ sugarcane juice is commonly enjoyed in Brazil. Sugary soft drinks are also very popular - especially a fizzy and sweet drink called Guaraná Antarctica (made with the juice of the guaraná berry). In Canada many would say that our national dish is poutine - french fries covered in gravy and gooey cheese curds - and is said to have been invented in Quebec in the 1950’s. The juice of choice for us in Canada is usually apple or orange juice.


Sports - soccer and hockey

The most popular sport in Brazil is “futebol,” or “soccer” as we call it in North America. Although soccer is also becoming very popular in Canada, hockey is still our favourite sport in the Great White North.

Gold medals

gold medals

The total number of gold medals that Brazil has won at all the Olympic Games is 23. The total number of gold medals that Canada has won at all the Summer Olympic Games is 59.