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7 Generations of Indigenous Olympians

COC Photo by Jason Ransom

Canada's Indigenous Olympians have made incredible contributions to our country's legacy at the Olympic Games. Did you know that lacrosse is one of the oldest games in North America? It’s an aboriginal game known by several names: baggataway, or tewaarathon, or ‘The Creator’s Game.’ First Nations people believe the game was given to them by the Creator for his amusement. Different tribes played the game for different reasons - it settled inter-tribal disputes and toughened young warriors for combat.

The original game has been changed and modified over the years into what we know and play today, but it has been Canada’s national game since 1859. And to keep things interesting, the House of Commons declared it as the national summer sport in 1994.

To find out more about the lacrosse team that won Canada’s first official Olympic medal and all the Canadian Indigenous athletes from 1904 to today, check out our interactive timeline:

Spencer O'Brien Olympic snowboarder doing a jump