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Damian Warner

Why They're Awesome

Started track and field at age 17, encourage by high school basketball coaches

Did not play organized sports until he was 15 and did not start training for the decathlon until he was 20

His role model is Vince Carter who inspired him to pursue professional sports

Enjoys art and drawing

Damian’s best events are 100m and the 110m hurdles, while his most challenging events are shot put and the 1500m.

Gold medalist at the Pan Am games (2015), where he scored 8659 points — a new Canadian record.

Two time IAAF World Championship medalist - Silver (2015), Bronze (2014).

Listen Up

"At times you have high expectations for yourself so you want to be at the top right away, but I’ve come to realize over the years that it’s a process and it takes time." (The London Free Press)


​The decathlon began as the pentathlon, which was first introduced in 708 BC in Ancient Greece. Back then there was only five events.

​The modern version includes running, long jump, shot put, high jump, hurdles, discus, pole vault and javelin.

Athletes get 30 minutes of rest between events. This includes bathroom breaks, stretching and refuelling. A full event day can run up to 8 hours.

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