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Antoine Valois-Fortier

Why They're Awesome

His parents signed him up to judo at the age of 4 because he had boundless energy

Won Olympic bronze in London in 2012, making him one of the greatest judokas in Canadian history

Collects accreditation cards from all of his competitions

He ranks 3rd in the world in his weight class

Enjoys watching movies, playing video games and hanging out with friends

Antoine’s father has a black belt in judo and all three of his sisters have been involved in the sport.

In 2014, Antoine won Canada’s 1st judo world medal in 15 years in Chlyabinsk, Russia.

Listen Up

"I think the most important thing I need to do is not think about this so I just want to relax, fight as hard as I can and don’t pressure myself with medals or results. I just want to look forward and do the best that I can." (from JudoInside)


Judo (meaning “the gentle way”) was created in 1882 by Dr Jigoro Kano. The aim of this martial art is to use an opponent’s energy against them.

Uniforms are called a “judogi” and are white. It has three parts: the jacket is a “uwagi”, a belt is an “obi” and the drawstring pants are called “zubon”.

The Tokyo police department have been using judo methods and training since 1886. Their arresting techniques are known as "renkoho waza".

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