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Andre De Grasse

Why They're Awesome

Told he was too small for basketball

Discovered by coach Tony Sharpe at a high school track meet

Started running track seriously at age 17

Is a humongous NBA fan!

Andre ran 54 races last year - that’s just over a race per week!

He won a bronze medal at the Beijing world championships; not bad for his 52nd race.

Two time Gold medallist at the Pan AM games for 100m and 200m dash.

Listen Up

"But talking to my coach, talking to my family and friends, they give me motivation all the time to keep it going and don't worry about your last race, it's always about your next race."


A “false start” occurs when a runner’s reaction time to the pistol is less than 0.1s. The athlete responsible for the false start is immediately disqualified.

If you can run 100m in 9.97 sec - you’ll break Andre’s record that was set at the Pan Am games in Toronto.

It sounds counter-intuitive but athletes run counter-clockwise on the oval track in all running events.

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