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You won’t believe these are cakes!


Harry Potter in a book cake at the Cake and Bake Show, London, Ontario, 2015. (Neil Hall/Reuters)

Do you like cake? Who doesn't like cake, right? There's chocolate cake, vanilla cake, red velvet cake... so many different kinds of cake! Maybe you've seen some pretty cool cakes in the shape of cars or even animals? We've gathered up some of the most amazing shaped cakes that will make your mouth water! Check them out...

Vanilla or chocolate dragon?

a cake shaped like a giant snake-like dragon

From the 42nd annual Cake Show, December 19, 2016 in India. (Manjunath Kiran/Getty Images)

Can you play this cake?

a cake shaped like a black grand piano

A piano birthday cake for famous artists Elton John from Bredenbeck's bakery in Pennsylvania, 2011. (Jeff Fusco/Getty Images)

Everyone's favourite bear and his pal

a cake shaped like Paddington Bear holding a case with a dog in it

At the Cake and Bake Show in London, UK, 2015. (Neil Hall/Reuters)

Is that cake a portkey?

a cake shaped like a book with Harry Potter coming out of the pages

Harry Potter in a book cake at the Cake and Bake Show, London, Ontario, 2015. (Neil Hall/Reuters)

Chocolate phoenix

a cake in the shape of a phoenix rising from the flames

Harry Potter's chocolate phoenix cake at Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London, UK, 2012. (Photo credit: Karen Roe on VisualHunt.com / CC BY)

The most popular cheese

a cake shaped like a piece of wood with a piece of cheese on it and several mice

(Photo credit: evilhayama on VisualHunt / CC BY-ND)

A cake that's ready to fly away

Cake shaped like a green dragon with big wings

Photo credit: Newtown grafitti on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Is it a cake, a car or a robot?

a life-sized transformers cake that turns into Bumblebee

A Bumblebee transformers cake at the 2011 New York Auto Show. (Photo credit: DrivingtheNortheast on Visual hunt / CC BY)

Peppa Pig grand space adventure

cake shaped like a spaceship with Peppa Pig looking out the window

(Photo credit: Tama Leaver on Visualhunt.com / CC BY)