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World’s oldest street artist covers town in yarn graffiti


Photo by Melanie Tata licensed CC BY 2.0

They call themselves The Souter Stormers - a mysterious group of ragtag knitters that are going around their little Scottish town covering everything they see with their crazy yarn creations.

You don't need to be young to be young at heart. Most of the women in the secret group are over 60 years old but their oldest member, Grace Brett, is 104 years old! Grace is a great-grandmother and could very well be the oldest ‘street artist’ in the world!


The Souter Stormers, based in Selkirk, Scottish Borders recently decked out their town and two others with their colourful, cozy and artsy yarn work as part of a local festival. They covered benches, storefronts, restaurants and even a classic red telephone booth! The ladies spent months knitting and crocheting, planning and preparing for the festival. There were forty-six ‘yarn bomb’ pieces in total ranging in size from small to very large - that’s a lot of yarn!

a bench covered in yarn creations

The term Souter is a nickname for any person who was born and raised in Selkirk, Scottish Borders which is how The Souter Stormers got their name.