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Wintery things to do without winter


Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

What to do when you want to have winter fun, but it’s not wintery enough outside? We have a few solutions — pick an activity from this list to have some snowy, cold weather fun without the cold weather!

Make your own snow

No snow on the ground? Guess what — you can still have fun with the white stuff, and even make a few snowballs! All you need are a couple household items, plus a container big enough for the homemade snowstorm you're about to create. Mix together baking soda and white conditioner until it feels like putty (people say it also feels cold!) and add glitter if you want some extra sparkle.

Melt a mini snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Do you also want to control exactly when that snowman melts? The recipe for this snow(man) is different from above, since this stuff has to melt, but still uses household items: baking soda, salt, dish soap and water. Once you've assembled and dressed your snowman, all you need is some white vinegar and a wide container for Frosty to melt in!

Play with instant ice

It may look like magical ice powers, but it's just good ol' science! When you get water cold enough that it could freeze, but not so cold that it already is — and are careful not to shake it — all it takes is some movement to turn it to ice! This trick also works to build snowmen, though you won't have too much control over this version's melt time. Simply freeze water on a plate, then pour your super cold (but not frozen-cold) water on top, and watch your snowman form!

Customize a snowglobe 

Now that you've played with snow, melted a snowman and honed your instant-ice skills, it's time to bring a bit of winter indoors in a more permanent style. Your snowglobe can contain any wintery scene you want. All you need is a small jar, glitter, water and some toys to set the scene of your snowglobe. And you don't have to stick to just winter — want to see what a cactus looks like surrounded by snow? Try it in your snowglobe!

Create a snowy wreath

It may be too early for snow to coat trees and sidewalks, but you can still get the look, with a snowball-covered wreath. All you need for this wintery craft is glue, pom-poms, a foam ring and a ribbon or string to hang up your creation. Make sure to display your wreath by the front door to remind you that snowy days will soon be here!