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Why does my pet do that?


Have you ever noticed your pets acting strangely - we answer some of those questions that you wish you could ask your furry and feathered friends

Your cat's hunting instinct is to copy the chirps and tweets that their prey makesWhy does my cat chirp and tweet?

Have you ever noticed that your cat makes noises when they’re looking out a window?

Some people believe this is because they are excited to see birds or squirrels outside. Or, they could be frustrated that they can't get through that window and catch their prey.

Another theory is that their chirps and tweets mimic the birds or small rodents they see outside their window in order to fool them so they can get closer before they pounce.

Why does my dog eat poop?

Dogs love all sorts of scrumptious snacks. Whether it be a bite of your delicious dinner, a yummy bone, or poop? Why do puppies think poop is a tasty treat? One theory is that it’s because they’re not getting the right kinds of nutrition from their normal diet.

cute puppy with his butt in his food dish

They will munch on other animals’ droppings because they know that they can get those extra nutrients from them. A lot of dogs will grow out of this behaviour.

It can become unhealthy for those pups that eat other animal's poop — like deer — as it can contain parasites and make them sick. You can always check with your vet to see if there's any dietary or health issues with your doggo.

Bird dancing includes bobbing their heads up and down or kicking their feet to the beatWhy does my bird dance?

It’s so much fun to dance around the house to our favourite songs. But we’re not the only ones with happy feet! Birds such as parrots love to show off their moves!

One scientific study showed that animals that could mimic (or copy) other sounds were the only animals that could follow a rhythm and "dance."

The only animals that can mimic sounds are parrots and one species of elephant. Scientists still aren't sure why parrots dance to certain music, but they're working on it.

Why does my fish play hide and seek?

Sometimes a pet fish will swim around freely within their tanks, blowing bubbles and having a blast! But other times, our fish think we’re playing a game of hide-and-go-seek; and they’re winning!

tabby cat pawing at the outside of a fish tank

No one's really sure why pet fish do this. Some think pet fish like to hide on us if we’ve made changes to their tanks — a big change to their environment can make them feel nervous or uncomfortable. They could also be hiding if they are afraid of a bigger pet or if they’re feeling a bit under the weather.

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