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What the past thought today would look like


Josef Kubeš/123RF

What do you think the future holds? Is it flying cars? Mind reading? Or maybe even immortality? Many years ago, people had big ideas of how we would be living today. Some of their predictions were way off, but some were spot on! Here are three predictions that were actually correct.

Telephone technology

Man speaks into receiver, while holding up a device that shows the person he's talking to.
The Electrical experimenter Vol. 6 (May 1918- Apr. 1919. [s.n.], 1913.

A magazine published in the early 20th Century features a man talking on the phone, but the phone isn’t connected to the wall like phones were during this time. He is speaking through a handheld receiver which displayed a picture of the person.

When this picture was drawn it was a complete fantasy, but now smartphones have made this a reality. They’re lot less bulky, and we can talk to anyone from anywhere — we can even use apps for video calls.

Futuristic classrooms

In 1958, a popular comic book showed what a futuristic classroom might look like. The comic was full of gadgets like personal flying machines for students, a video of a teacher instead of a physical teacher in the classroom and giant computer-like machines with screens, buttons and cameras for learning.

Back then that would have been a classroom straight out of science fiction, but today we have computers, tablets, smartphones, laptops and so much more. All that’s missing are those flying machines!

Flying mail carriers

Postal worker in flying car delivering mail.
By Jean Marc circa 1899, Public Doman via Wikipedia

We don’t rely on hand-delivered mail as much as we used to, but the postal service is still very important. It’s used to deliver letters, postcards and packages right to your mailbox by a mail carrier. In the early 1900s however, an artist had a very different idea of what mail service would look like. They guessed by the year 2000, mail would be delivered door to door by a person in a flying machine!

They weren't too far off. Mail has been delivered by airplanes around the world ever since around the time the First World War. Nowadays, some companies have begun using flying machines called drones to deliver packages as soon as possible!

What do you think the next 100 years will bring in the world of technology? Do you have any predictions? Sketch out your ideas, because who knows; you could be right!