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Ahoy, me hearties. ‘Tis time to see how ye measure up against the greatest buccaneers from the golden age of pirates. Are ye as cunning as Captain Kidd? As intimidating as Blackbeard? Or as ambitious as Madame Cheng? Take this here personality quiz to find out just how pirate ye be?

Swash me buckle and cinch me sash
I look like a skater lad, I see ye later lad
Head scarf, eye patches and parrot, har!
Breeches, waist coat and puffy shirts be me style
Princess Tiara Tiffany Tutu if ye please
Pretty preppy be me preference
Cheer her on
Warn her not to belly flop
Close ye eyes and hope for the best
Growl "Arrrgh! Walk the plank, ye salty dog!"
Search for ye parrot
Worry that ye be next
Pull out ye periscope
Batten down the hatches
Get seasick
Climb to the crow's nest
Lounge in a deck chair and kick off ye deck shoes
Lead a mutiny
Take all ye friends into town for ice cream
Re-hull ye schooner and load up on provisions
Bury it near an abandoned fort
Consult ye parents on the price of gold
Run in fear of the inevitable curse
Alert the authorities
A puppy be me bestie
A monkey on a stool is cool
Pretty Polly the parrot
Sparrows because they don't talk back
A kitty cat keeps me company
A Siamese fighting fish keeps me on me toes
A skull and crossed swords
Pink bunny ears
A gold crown
A skull and crossbones
I heart cheese
A muscled arm and scimitar

You got: PIrate Captain

Raise the Jolly Roger for ye be Pirate Captain true and through

You got: Quartermaster

No quarter measure, ye be a Quartermaster to be sure

You got: First Mate

If ye not be first ye be third, but ye be a fine First Mate

You got: Cabin Boy

Swab the decks, for a cabin boy ye be

You got: Land Lubber

No sea legs have ye, land lubber

You got: Desert Sailor

Maybe the desert be the best place for ye