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You know how it seems that some animals have superpowers? Birds can fly way up in the sky, whales can swim in the deepest of oceans without having to come up for a breath for the longest time, and some moles can even dig underground and run around tunnels without being able to see! How amazing would it be if you could have a superpower like some of these amazing animals?

Take our interactive quiz and find out...

On the coast, near the ocean
In a big apartment building
In a cabin in the woods
In a big old house
On the top floor of a giant skyscraper
In a treehouse
Paint or draw
Solve puzzles
Explore nature
Race my bike
Go rock climbing
Reading books
Listening to music
Watching television
Playing sports
Playing video games
Looking at comic books
High noon
Late at night
Any time of the day
When the sun is setting
Bright and early
When the sun is rising
Race car driver
Rock star
Rock climbing instructor
Private detective

You got: Super Mantis Shrimp Vision

You got: Super Ant Strength

You got: Super Bat Hearing

You got: Super Spider Wall Crawl

You got: Super Peregrine Falcon Speed

You got: Super Crow Intelligence