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We answer your questions about… cats and dogs!


We've been getting so many great questions through the Question Machine! Phew! You're really interested in a lot of things. We thought we'd group some of the questions together and answer them in a big bunch. So here are your questions about... cats and dogs!

Question 1

Jaenelle asks

Want to learn more about dog breeds? We've got 5 unusual dogs breeds you should check out!

Question 2

Anabella asks

Purring is the best sound your cat makes, other than meowing. To this day, even veterinarians don't know for sure why cats purr because they do it all the time: when they're hungry, happy, frightened, sleeping or when they want something. Some research suggests that their purring even helps them get better when they're sick. What an amazing ability!

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Question 3

Sophie asks

Dogs and cats have different signals for fear, happiness and friendship so it's hard for one to communicate with another. Imagine meeting someone new and they spoke a language you didn't understand and they couldn't understand you. It would probably be hard for you to communicate and know what the other person wanted. But, when dogs and cats grow up in the same household, they tend to be friends. Might be because they have a chance to learn each other's signals. 

Question 4

Ariana asks:

Some people really like having pigs as pets! We've got 5 reasons pigs make awesome pets!

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