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Watch Polar Bears in the Wild


Photo by flickrfavorites licensed CC BY 2.0

Watch polar bears in their natural Arctic habitat with the polar bear edition of Google Street View. Launched February 27 (just in time for International Polar Bear Day), the goal is to raise awareness of the impact of climate change in the Arctic, particularly on the sea ice that polar bears and other creatures need to survive.

The polar bear footage was captured in the fall during bear season using Google’s Street View Trekker, which mounted 15 cameras on top of a tundra buggy — an all-terrain vehicle specially designed to take tourists and scientists to observe the polar bears.

Highlights of the Street View also include an exploration of Manitoba’s Wapusk National Park, as well as the chance to see how people live in a northern city like Churchill, Manitoba. And get this — Churchill boasts a “polar bear jail” that temporarily houses bears that wander into town.

Watch the polar bear cam featuring a “live” feed!


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