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Weave some giant art with the help of nature!


Why not try something BIG, bright and fun? Weaving is a fantastic and easy project that can be even more fun when you do it on a big scale. You and your parent of guardian can combine a few items you probably have around you — bits of nature, different types of fabric, and some creativity — into this project!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 branches, about 1 metre in length
  • Good, solid twine
  • Strips of fabric or yarn, anything really that you can wrap around the branches that will hold up indoors and out

Let’s get crafting!

STEP 1: To start, place your branches down in a star pattern.

stick put together in a star pattern

STEP 2: Secure the branches together with twine (this is where a helping hand from your older sibling or a parent comes in handy). You can also ask an adult to secure the branches with a screw or nail to make them extra stable.

tying the sticks together with twine

STEP 3: Now get your scraps of fabric or yarn — basically anything that is strong enough to handle being taken outside — and rip up your fabric into long strips. Get ready to weave.

a pile of fabric strips

STEP 4: Start by tying your fabric or yarn onto one of the branches, then weave over one branch, and under the next. Keep going over and under until you run out of fabric or want to swap them out or change colours. To do that, simply tie off your fabric or yarn onto a branch and start again with another piece.

wrapping fabric around the twigs

STEP 5: You aren’t limited to a rainbow. We just happened to have all the scraps in our heap to do a rainbow. You can do any colours or patterns you like.

STEP 6: When you feel your art is finished, tie off the final scrap to a branch and admire your work. Now you can hang it outside if you like, and it will biodegrade. Birds will use the scraps to make nests and it makes a great art piece. Or you can hang it inside as your family’s newest prize art piece.

the finished woven easter egg

Thanks to CBC Parents/Maureen MacMillan for this great craft activity!